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Human Companies introduces the Accounting and Marketing program to get your Accountant Firm clients.

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The Boston-based company offers low-cost innovative accounting marketing and support. Getting your accountant firm clients and effectively servicing them is what we do.  Human Companies can modernize both the marketing and bookkeeping operations of your CPA firm.  Starting as soon as next week, you could be getting phone calls from small businesses thanks to our robust marketing operations.
Human Companies can modernize, small business leads, specifically targeted to your needs, can be contacting you daily from custom-built marketing operations.  You can spend your time in profitable client relations and hourly advice and leave the day-to-day concerns of marketing and bookkeeping to us at an exceptionally low cost.
Human Companies, Inc. is a Boston-based small business support group with specific focus on a modern transformation of the accounting industry and in particular its’ marketing.  Human Companies has a portfolio of top-ranked informational websites and services that collectively enjoy:


  • Many top three rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Over 500,000 backlinks (one of the key metrics that determines popularity of a site) in the portfolio

  • Over 100 websites dealing with specific topics in accounting and bookkeeping (e.g.

  • Proprietary marketing systems and overseas operations to lower marketing costs with management ties that extend back over a decade
Human Companies is the industry leader in accounting marketing.  In addition to its published portfolio, Human Companies has in-house operations for web design and internet marketing, a telemarketing operation for appointment setting, even retail and wholesale bookkeeping operations.  We don’t simply set you up with advertising and move on.  At Human Companies, we provides CPAs across North America both help getting clients and, if they so choose, help servicing those clients more cost-effectively than they can on their own.  Human Companies is a proud member in good standing with a number of professional organizations.  The company is, of course, bonded and insured.
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The Accountant Marketing Program of Human Companies

With over 100 sites dedicated to accounting and marketing, Boston-based Human Companies is the foremost leader in accounting marketing.  We provide CPAs across the country, the means to access small business clients in their local area and, if they choose, build their businesses remotely as well.  No longer does a CPA firm need to limit their accounting marketing plan to just their local area.
In short, we help transition traditional Certified Public Accountants into the Digital Age.  We can provide you small business leads and even help you service your existing customers through outsourced bookkeeping wholesale services.  We can show you how to expand your business from “punching in the numbers” for local businesses to a national provider of accounting services.
Human Companies can provide you Small Business Internet Marketing in a matter of days with already ranked sites and promote your firm far beyond the possibilities of simple pay-per-click or PPC advertising (e.g. Google Adwords).  We have top ranked websites, call centering, even wholesale fulfillment services that can change your conventional, local accounting firm into a national provider quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
We don’t give lectures and seminars about accounting sales – we give you what you really need … small businesses looking for accounting and bookkeeping services!
There is no reason to pay for client bases or high-priced accounting advertising and marketing.  We can save you thousands of dollars and months in launching.  We have many tools at our disposal, including but not limited to one of the foremost accounting and bookkeeping portfolios in the industry.  We don’t just talk about how to get leads – we give them to you!
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